Water Filtration

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Pure, clean, crisp water. What if you could turn on the tap and fill a glass with confidence that that’s exactly what you’re drinking? NuWater Technologies’ whole-home water filtration system makes this possible.

The water you use to wash, cook and drink shouldn’t have chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals or bacteria in it. But sadly, that’s what many people consume every day without even realizing it. At NuWater Technologies, we keep bacteria and contaminants out, ensuring the water you drink is nourishing, not harmful.

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What’s in Your Drinking Water?

When was the last time you thought about what’s in your drinking water? Maybe it was yesterday, when you went out of your way to buy bottled water because you suspect your tap water isn’t all that healthy. Maybe you have never considered it, and you’re not sure you want to know what you’ve been drinking all this time.

What’s the best way to tell if your home’s water is safe? Schedule a complimentary water test with NuWater Technologies. You will find out exactly what’s in your water. Minerals, additives and other substances can affect the taste of your water, and even your health.

Carbon-Filtered Water Is Fresh, Tasty and Safe

NuWater Technologies distributes and installs whole-home water filtration systems that help you enjoy all the wonderful benefits of clean water. You’ll probably drink more of it after you know it’s safe! Plus, it tastes better. It tastes good, like it should!

We believe a carbon filter system is the best mode of water filtration because it’s the most effective. It’s the same method of purification used in air filters as well. Carbon filters are best at removing chemicals, such as chlorine, radon and pesticides. We also use a KDF filter that rids water of heavy metals, neutralizes bacteria, and rebalances the pH.

While filters are not as effective at removing minerals, we pair our water filtration with softeners that take care of this task. With this two-pronged approach, NuWater Technologies provides water that’s better than bottled. It’s pH balanced and it tastes good.

Choose Us for Your Water Filtration in Arizona

NuWater Technologies has the word “technology” in our name for a reason: We’re focused on advancing smart, efficient filtration systems for our customers. You deserve pure, clean water, and we create reliable systems that harness smart technology for your benefit.

We Back Up Our Work

With a 10-year warranty provided on all systems, there’s no doubt NuWater Technologies is the company to depend on when you want pure, fresh water from your tap.

Whole-home water filtration saves money. You’ll have no more need for bottled water! We help you save money too, because we stand by our work. We won’t rest until you’re happy with your new system! Set up your complimentary test today — call NuWater Technologies.