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Introducing the Puronics Water Softener from NuWater Technologies Arizona — a game-changer for your home’s water quality. Say goodbye to hard water woes and hello to a world of benefits with our advanced residential water softener. Enjoy softer skin and hair, extend the lifespan of your appliances, and reduce soap scum and limescale buildup. With Puronics, you’ll experience cleaner dishes, brighter laundry, and better-tasting water throughout your home. Invest in the health and longevity of your plumbing system while enjoying the luxury of silky-smooth water every day.

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Proprietary Technology

 Harnesses exclusive Puronics® technology to effectively reduce contaminants and hardness commonly found in municipal water supplies.

Professional Installation

Expert installation ensures optimal performance and efficiency, maximizing the benefits of your water softener system.

Comprehensive Warranty

Backed by a comprehensive warranty, providing added protection and confidence in your investment.

Whole-House System

Provides comprehensive water treatment for your entire home, ensuring every tap delivers clean and healthy water.

Intelligent iGen® Control Valve

 Incorporates cutting-edge technology to optimize water softening and filtration performance, tailored to your specific water quality needs.

Durable Fiberglass Media Tank

Constructed from high-quality materials, the tank ensures lasting durability and reliability, protecting your home’s water supply for years to come.

Superior Water Quality

Experience the benefits of purified, healthier water for drinking, bathing, cooking, and household tasks.

Scale Prevention

Helps prevent limescale buildup in plumbing fixtures and appliances, extending their lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

Chlorine Reduction

 Effectively removes chlorine and other chemicals, improving the taste and odor of your water.

Stress-free Installations

Why Choose US

So you’re considering a water-softening system. Why trust NuWater Technologies Arizona? We’re not just a water softener installation company — we design whole-home smart systems that save you even more time and money.

Nuwater Technologies Gilbert, Arizona


The process is easy!


Get a Free Water Test

We come to you and test your water quality to provide a solution specific to your needs.


Custom Solution

Our team will design a custom solution tailored to your needs. 


Professional Installation

Our certified technicians will ensure your system is installed correctly and efficiently.

Water Softeners Technology

The Puronics ® iGen® is a revolutionary residential chlorostatic water softener that sets the standard for advanced water treatment technology. Utilizing state-of-the-art chlorostatic technology, this system effectively removes hardness minerals, chlorine, and other contaminants from your water supply. Unlike traditional water softeners, which rely solely on ion exchange, the ® iGen® C combines the power of chlorostatic filtration with the intelligence of the iGen® control valve to deliver unparalleled water quality.


The Puronics® Terminator® iGen® C with ChloroShield™ Clearess® media is a whole-house Chlorostatic® water softener and filter combo system specifically designed to cost-effectively reduce the levels of Chlorine, Chloramine and hardness typically found in municipal water supplies. Chloramine (a combination of chlorine and ammonia) is commonly used to disinfect municipal water supplies but could have potential side effects for people and fish. Chloramine is also very corrosive to lead water lines and copper plumbing. The Terminator® iGen® C gives you peace of mind…reducing potential risks and objectionable tastes and odors, with all of the benefits of softened water.

At NuWater Technologies, we understand that choosing the right water softener can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced team will visit your home for a comprehensive water quality test, analyzing factors such as hardness levels, contaminants, and water usage patterns. Based on the results of this test, our design team will recommend a water softener that meets your requirements and fits seamlessly into your home. With NuWater Technologies, you can trust that you’re getting a customized solution designed to deliver the best possible water quality for you and your family.

At NuWater Technologies, we understand the unique needs of customers on well water systems. That’s why we offer water softener installation services tailored to well water systems as well. Our experienced team has the expertise to assess your water quality and recommend the right water softener solution for your well water. Whether you’re on municipal water or a well water system, NuWater Technologies has the products and expertise to provide you with cleaner, healthier water for your home.

If you encounter any issues with your water softener, rest assured that NuWater Technologies has you covered. We offer a comprehensive warranty on all our products, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your investment. Additionally, our dedicated service team is here to assist you with any maintenance or repairs that may be needed. Simply reach out to us, and we’ll promptly address any concerns to ensure your water softener continues to perform at its best. With Nu Water Technologies, you can trust that your water softener is backed by reliable support and service.

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Michelle Delgado


“Customer service is top notch! Dante installed, and he was amazing. We have started using our system for just a few days now, and love it!! Would highly recommend the whole house filtration system over just a water softener.”

Rick Holt


“The technician was friendly, courteous, thoughtful, and very professional. And he even brought his own vacuum to clean up the mess. It was a very good experience and now the water is amazing.”

Jennifer Hutchinson


“Great customer service from purchase to installation. NuWater softener with the purification system was installed today and went super smooth. Dante even removed our old softener, would recommend NuWater!”

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With our whole-home water filtration system, you will see an incredible difference in how your water feels, tastes and cleans. Schedule a complimentary water test with NuWater Technologies today, and find out if a water softener is right for your home.

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